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Turn repeatable tasks into AI-powered QuickActions

Enterprise security & encryption

Experiment with Generative AI in a safe and secure way

QuickAction is a technology company that provides businesses with a no-code platform to harness the power of Generative AI. We provide a secure environment for businesses to let their teams experiment and embed Ai into their workflows in just a few clicks.

All of our data is processed and stored in the EU and we maintain the highest security standards to keep your company data safe.


Repeatable | Scalable | Usable | Consistent | Secure

Building a QuickAction takes just a few minutes and saves 1,000s of hours of your teams time.

QA Secure

Start with a task you regularly complete

Reviewing a CV, writing up minutes, assessing for compliance...

QA No Code

Upload the framework or template

The details to extract, the framework to assess, the regulation to review.

QA Scale

Tell the AI what to do

In natural language, tell the AI the task or tasks you would like it to complete.

QA Save

Save and share it with your team

QuickActions are instantly available to anyone in your workspace to run in a single click.

When your task gets too complicated... 

Our tools team is on standby to support you in building custom tools to support more detailed, multi-step processes.




Trusted by Industry Leaders

QuickAction's Generative AI solutions are trusted by businesses of all sizes across all industries.


What Our Clients Say

"We have pushed boundaries by thinking up use cases that add value to our day to day from a productivity point of view, as well as enhancing customer experience. Its great to have a safe space to experiment with AI.

Katelyn Fyvie, Fospha Marketing

“QuickAction has already become an essential part of my day to day at work, saving time across a huge range of tasks.”

Ethan Andrews, Agilisys 

With the latest GPT model at its core, I work confidently, knowing data security is top-notch. The transformative impact of its one-click QuickActions has revolutionised how I handle my daily tasks, bringing about newfound efficiency and focus."

Zihan Lyu, Blenheim Chalcot 

Get started with our self-serve plan

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Start unlocking the power of Generative Ai today with the QuickAction Platform & Tools

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